Homebrew Anime RPGs

ANIMALOID - A Samurai Pizza Cats RPG: A simple, silly RPG adaptation of Samurai Pizza Cats.

C.A.R.D.S.:A generic and largely fantasy-based RPG that uses standard playing cards. It includes info on Saber Marionette J and Slayers, as well as an original campaign setting.

KwaiTana: A spiffy and simple universal anime RPG.

Majoko: The Misting: A magical girl-based RPG that draws on several different magical girl anime series.

Slayer: A an anime fantasy RPG, currently in development.

[Thrash] Thrash: This is an original RPG, created by yours truly. It is intended to simulate anime and fighting game style martial arts. Unlike SF:STG, it has been designed to take the genre conventions of anime into account. For more info, refer to the Official Thrash Home Page.
Zen and the Art of Mayhem: A new universal anime RPG!

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