Magical World

Tri-Stat Rules Module

By Ewen “Blackbird” Cluney

        The following contains the rules necessary to create Magical World characters for use with Big Eyes, Small Mouth or the Sailor Moon RPG.


Magical Girl Powers (4 points/Level)

        This is the primary Attribute for characters who are Magical Girls, and to be such a character must have at least one level of it. By transforming from a mortal into a Champion of Love and Justice, the character gains access to a variety of magical powers. Magical Girls are normally female, and if not they become such upon transforming.

        Transformation: Magical Girls can transform between their two identities. Most look more or less the same after transformation; the main physical change is in clothing -- a transformed character wears an appropriately outlandish costume. This transformation can usually be performed at will, though an item may be required. Unless noted otherwise, however, the item is and "icon" and will always appear when the character needs it.

        Costume Integrity: When transformed, the character is always in their special costume. This outfit displays a curious immunity to damage, and will always be more or less intact. Any damage done to the costume will be superficial at most, and will be gone the next time the character transforms.

        Protected Idenity: Even though the similarities between the magical girl's two identities tend to be downright blatant, nearly everyone will overlook it and never realize that they're one and the same, unless they're psychically sensitive or they actually see the transformation happen.

        Powers: For every level of Magical Girl Powers a character gets 10 Power Points to be spent on Magical Girl Sub-Attributes. Most of these powers are not available except when transformed, unless stated otherwise.

Level 1

Trainee mahou shoujo. 10 Power Points for Sub-Attributes.

Level 2

Low-powered mahou shoujo. 20 Power Points for Sub-Attributes.

Level 3

Moderately powerful mahou shoujo. 30 Power Points for Sub-Attributes.

Level 4

Highly powerful mahou shoujo. 40 Power Points for Sub-Attributes.

Level 5

Extremely powerful mahou shoujo. 50 Power Points for Sub-Attributes.

Level 6

Primal-powered mahou shoujo. 60 Power Points for Sub-Attributes.


Magical Girl Sub-Attributes

        The Power Points provided by the Magical Girl Powers attribute may be spent on a huge variety of sub-attributes. In addition to a number of exclusive sub-attributes listed below, magical girls may select from among the following Normal and Special attributes; those listed in italics have a higher than usual cost when used as magical girl sub-attributes.

Normal Attributes

Special Attributes


Animal Companion (1 point/Level)

        See Sailor Moon RPG pp. 32-33 (Animal Guardian).


Combined Attacks (1 point/Level)

        See Sailor Moon RPG pp. 33-34.


Disguise Power (1 point/Level)

        This is a power used by many magical girls – in fact, for a few it is their only power. For game purposes, this counts as a Discipline. The changes made can last up to one hour per point of Soul.

Level 1

Alter Cosmetics and Clothes: The magical girl can change her hairstyle, add change remove makeup, and create virtually any type of mundane clothes desired.

Level 2

Alter Facial Features: She can now make minor changes to her facial features as well.

Level 3

Alter Stature and Build: She can now become taller or shorter by about a foot (30cm) and appear to be heavier or lighter by 50 pounds.

Level 4

Sex Change: She can now convincingly appear to be of the opposite sex.

Level 5

Duplicate Person: The magical girl can now appear to be a specific person she’s met before. A Soul check is required to determine how convincing the duplication is.

Level 6

Animal Form: The magical girl can now take the form of a mundane animal.


Love Power  (6 points/Level)

        Characters who possess “Love Power” can draw upon the Element of Love to aid them. This power is typically only used by magical girls and certain Dreaming Ones, especially since its manifestations are usually very pink and cute. Each level of Love Power provides a new, specific ability.

        In the event that the character’s feelings of love and self-worth are too severely shaken, Love Power abilities will fail to function.

Level 1

Love Rise: The magical girl can draw strength from feelings up love; when she feels particularly loved, she regains 3 Energy and 3 Health points per turn.

Level 2

Love Blast: The magical girl can unleash a burst of love energy; it is useless against normal targets (it merely creates a pleasant feeling), but hate-filled creatures of the Dark Kingdoms take 40 damage if the blast hits them. This costs 15 Energy.

Level 3

Love Shield: This power allows the magical girl to generate a shimmering pink force field of love energy to protect herself. This reduces the damage of all attacks directed against her by 20 points, but costs 5 Energy per turn it is maintained.

Level 4

Friendship Blast: This bizarre power must be used on two people simultaneously; when struck any feelings of animosity between them are removed. The typical result of this is the almost instantaneous formation of a friendship, though in some cases it’s been known to work a little too well. This costs 20 Energy.

Level 5

Lovely Space: Using this power, the character can generate an area of “Lovely Space” covering an area of 3 yards (3 meters) per point of Soul. To outside observers it appears that a giant pink heart has engulfed the area. Inside in a seemingly infinite expanse of floating hearts and rainbows. Within this area Love-based powers are considerably strengthened (double damage, range, duration, half Energy cost) and Hate-based powers are diminished (half damage, duration, range, etc., double Energy Cost). This lasts for 2 turns per point of Soul, but ends immediately if the magical girl who created it is rendered unconscious.

Level 6

Love Storm: The ultimate Love-based attack, Love Storm creates a massive explosion of Love energy, covering a radius of 10 feet (3 meters) per point of Soul, and inflicting 80 points of damage to all Hate-based foes within the area of effect. Anyone else caught in the Love Storm feels an intense euphoria. This costs 30 Energy.


Magical Defense (4 points/Level)

        Certain magical girls have been known to display an uncanny resistance to damage; attacks that could maim a normal human tend to result in small but painful cuts to the extremities, and the like.

Level 1   -4 to all damage

Level 2   +1 Defensive Combat Value, -8 to all damage

Level 3   +1 Defensive Combat Value, -12 to all damage

Level 4   +2 Defensive Combat Value, -16 to all damage

Level 5   +2 Defensive Combat Value, -20 to all damage

Level 6   +3 Defensive Combat Value, -24 to all damage


Magical Girl Attack (4 points/Level)

        See Sailor Moon RPG pp. 37-38 (Sailor Senshi Attack).


Rejuvenation (1 point/Level)

        See Sailor Moon RPG p. 36.


Winged Flight (2 points/Level)

        A character with this Attribute possesses a pair of physical wings which can be used to fly. These can be feathered like a bird, leathery like a bat or dragon, chitinous like an insect, or something more unusual. Such wings are, however, difficult to conceal and the speed at which they allow one to fly is a little limited.

        Relevant Stat: Body

Level 1 Gliding, such that ascent requires catching air currents.

Level 2 Slow flight (to 30kph)

Level 3 Faster flight (to 60kph)

Level 4 Even faster flight (to 90kph)

Level 5 Extremely fast flight (to 200kph)

Common Attributes

Cuteness (1 point/level)

        This is a variation of Appearance; rather than being simply attractive, the character is exceptionally cute, with big, shimmering eyes, a bright smile, and-- let me stop before tooth decay sets in. Also, rather than providing levels of Art of Distraction, a character with exception Cuteness gets a Defensive Combat Value bonus.

        Relevant Stat: Body

Level 1   Pretty cute.

Level 2   Very cute.

Level 3        Extremely cute.

Level 4   Far too cute. +1 to Defensive Combat Value.

Level 5   Too cute to live. +2 to Defensive Combat Value.

Level 6   Too cute to die. +3 to Defensive Combat Value.




        See Sailor Moon RPG p. 51.


Attack Gesture

        See Sailor Moon RPG p. 52.


Attack Restriction

        See Sailor Moon RPG p. 52.


Attack Words

        See Sailor Moon RPG p. 52.


Compulsive Posing

        For some reason, the character feels the need to pause to strike dramatic poses every now and then. This must be done at any appropriately dramatic moment, and especially while making speeches.

1 BP Poses can be brief and don't take too long.

2 BP Poses are involved, and require a minimum of 2 turns.


Gender Crossing

        Whether by choice or otherwise, the character tends to look a great deal like the opposite sex. Males who appear female are more common in anime, but there are plenty of tomboys and such as well. Some gender crossers can be dressed to look like the sex that they actually are (but prefer or have been trained not to look like), while others naturally look that way.

1 BP        The character just prefers to dress like the opposite sex.

2 BP        For whatever reason, the character naturally looks like the opposite sex.



        See Sailor Moon RPG p. 54.


No Fine Manipulators

        The character is lacking in the ability to manipulate objects. This may be due to being an animal with nothing more than paws, or an injury, or something else.

1 BP Can pick up objects, but cannot do fine manipulation.

2 BP Cannot manipulate objects at all.


Recurring Nightmares

        See Sailor Moon RPG p. 55.



        See Sailor Moon RPG p. 57.


Taint of Darkness

        See Sailor Moon RPG p. 57 (Taint of the Negaverse).


Touched by Positive Energy

        See Sailor Moon RPG p. 57.



        This Defect is intended for superhero type characters. Whenever they go about their heroing, they feel a compulsive need to leave behind a trademark of some kind, whether by leaving behind an object, carving their name or symbol, or something else. Besides wasting time, this leaves a blatant clue that the character was there.

1 BP Trademark can be done quickly.

2 BP Trademark takes a few turns to complete.


Magical Girl/Knight Power Defects

        The following defects are specific to characters with Magical Girl or Mystic Knight powers.


Companion Dependent Transformation

        The character must have a companion critter or possibly another person present in order to transform. Without them, it simply won't happen.

1 BP Companion is usually with the character.

2 BP Companion is occasionally with the character.


Energy Cost For Transformation

        The character must expend a number of energy points in order to perform the transformation.

1 BP Costs 10 Energy Points

2 BP Costs 25 Energy Points


Limited Duration Transformation

        The transformation only lasts for a relatively short amount of time, after which the character reverts to their normal self.

1 BP 30 minutes to an hour.

2 BP 5-10 minutes.


Random Transformation

        The transformation simply happens whenever it wants to, for better or for worse.

1 BP On a successful Soul check the character can induce or prevent the transformation.

2 BP The character has no control over the transformation, and for that matter it tends to happen at inconvenient times.


Transformation Loss

        See Sailor Moon RPG p. 58.

Other Tri-Stat Titles

        Big Robots, Cool Starships won't usually be of too much use for Magical World purposes, unless cyborgs or power suits are brought into play. After all, a girl with a summonable power armor would make a pretty good magical girl type character.

        Hot Rods and Gun Bunnies is invaluable for handling gun-toting hunter characters, as it contains the skill system and more detailed rules and information on firearms.

        The Sailor Moon RPG is an obvious choice, especially if you're intending to combine the Magical World setting with that of Sailor Moon, and even if you're not, the Complete Book of Yoma will provide an excellent stock of youma to use, and the Character Diaries are likewise potentially useful. Similarly, Magical World contains a number of new Attributes, Defects, and so forth that could easily fit into a standard Sailor Moon game.